My book is NOT moving along…

My book is NOT moving along…

Every time someone asks me lately

“How’s the book coming along?”

I have to answer “it’s not!” – because that’s the unfortunate truth.

But a big reason why my middle grade novel is on the back burner has been this creation – my day-job baby, the Well Girls pre-puberty program for girls with autism.

It’s a program I do in the Occupational Therapy business I run. It helps pre-teen girls with autism to learn about and understand puberty – in the years before they go through it, so that they can know what to expect.

I’ve been running the program for more than a year now, and every time I run it the group evolves a little bit. For this term’s group I created a full colour 40 page participant manual. It was no easy feat, and it took every last ounce of my creative energy. But it’s here, done, finished now.


So maybe in a few weeks I’ll be able to summon the energy to reopen my fiction manuscript! And then perhaps one day I’ll see that book published – here, done, finished! Fingers crossed.

Cheers, Sarah xx

Imposter Alert!

Imposter Alert!

Here we go.

I’m freely admitting to having some major imposter syndrome posting this message, but you might be interested to know that I have started WRITING A BOOK!


But first things first, before we start talking books, let’s talk names. it may interest you to know that my name isn’t actually Sarah Little. Gasp, shock, horror!!!

Those of you who know me in real life will know my real name – hint: the Sarah part is the same.

But my last name isn’t Little – that moniker in fact belongs to my Nana, who was a wonderful influence on my reading as a child. I have so many wonderful book-related memories of Nana, trailing her quick footsteps down the stairs to the old Mount Gambier Library, and watching in awe as she filled an ENORMOUS bag full of books she would take home and read within the fortnight. I thought using her surname would be a beautiful way to honour her. Plus the name Little seems simply perfect for children’s writing, don’t you think.

Some of you may know that in my dayjob I work in the health field, which is why I’m not using my real name – because I also write non-fiction titles on women’s health under that name. And I definitely didn’t want my readers getting confused!!

But although I’ve worked in health for nearing 20 years now (yes, I know, I’m old), I also have a journalism degree, a background in news writing and editing, and a lifelong love of reading (passed down from my gorgeous Nana, through my Mum and which I’m now passing onto my little girlies.) I’ve always harboured a secret dream to write a novel, but I never thought I had the creativity to do it. But what I’ve learned over the past year, as I’ve delved into the world of writing podcasts and blog posts is that writing is as much about hard work as it is about creativity. I’m no stranger to hard work. So I’m planning on putting my head down, working hard, and hoping the creativity flows from there!

So what am I writing?? It’s an upper middle grade fiction novel, heavily geared towards girls. So if you’ve got or know girls in that demographic, or you’re just keen to hear about my writing adventures, I’d love it if you could head over and like my author Facebook page where I can keep you posted on my scribblings.

So there you have it.

I’m a writer! It’s time to show up here in this world, because I can only have a page with just 2 followers for so long!

Until next time, happy reading and writing.

Sarah xx